SITE: Torri di Quartesolo (Vicenza, Italy)
CUSTOMER: BS-VR-VI-PD Highway Society/R.P.A. Engineering
SERVICES: Detailed structural design (2004)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 36,6 millions for total construction

valdastico_01The viaduct (total length 630 m in 13 spans) and the exit ramps were designed as part of the extension to the south of A31 highway; To minimized the interference with the existing highway a single span overpass in steel structure with a 90 meters length was designed. This enables a quick launch without closing it to traffic. The remaining spans are 45 m long. To achieve various logistical and functional  requirements (reduction of weight and height of the deck, changes in cross slope, launch operations) with maximum flexibility, the project involved the construction of a couple of box girders with constant section on the entire length of the deck, stiffened and reinforced in correspondence of longer span by a central reticular spatial structure built with tubular sections. Adopting a steel orthotropic slab under the road paving allows to avoid concrete castings and also to reduce the dead weight and, therefore, the seismic action. In addition to the reduction of the masses, the seismic design involved the adoption of a protection system , acting in the longitudinal direction, combining the characteristics of a dissipative system and an isolation system.

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