SITE: Padua (Italy)
SERVICES: Concept and detailed design of internal structure of the statue (1999)

statua_santo_pd_08The angel statue, placed on the top part of the conic dome of St. Anthony’s Church, was originally a wind indicator. In occasion of the Jubilee in 2000 the church was restored and during the degradation survey the statue presented severe damage due to corrosion. To restore the angel a too invasive and strong intervention was needed and it was not compatible with its heritage value. With this idea, the original statue has been placed inside the Basilica in a less strict environment, and on the top of the dome a copy has been installed. The main problems were related to: the environmental exposition in terms of wind and lightning of the element, and the about 80 meters of height in the centre of the Basilica. In these conditions the periodic maintenance it is almost impossible. The design, developed together with the model calculations, was carried out based on a survey with a 3D laser scan. The copy, made by skilled craftsman on the basis of molds, is composed of a shell with a sandwich structure made of carbon fibre and glass connected to an inner frame made of stainless steel by means of bushings embedded during lamination. Than the statue was covered in gold leaf as detected by some traces of the original decoration . The characteristics of the materials used were verified by laboratory tests. Special attention has been given to the construction stages which were particularly delicate due to the uncomfortable position.

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