SITE: Garda (VR), Italy
CUSTOMER: Civil Engineering Offices of Verona
SERVICES: Final and detailed design and supervision of works (2003-2004)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 1 million for total construction

MOLO_SCARLO_07The extension of “St. Carlo” pier along the lake bank in Garda respects the main morphological and dimensional characteristics of the existing one. The vertical bearing elements are driven r.c. piles of variable length with hollow circular section or octagonal cross-section (for upper portions of piles belonging to the outer circle). The distance between the external piles is about 5 meters, while the ones driven around the core are joined together and are made by stones of various sizes.
The deck is made by concrete pouring in place with two thickness. The inner part has an height of 70 cm and the outer part is 30 cm thick slab poured on pre-casted frameworks over a beams grid.
The deck is a in-situ reinforced concrete slab; the central part is 70 cm thick while the outer edge is a 30 cm thick slab, cast using prefabricated concrete frameworks over a grid of beams.

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