SITE: Como, Italy
CUSTOMER: Hospital Agency of Como
SERVICES: Detailed structural design (2012-2013)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 1,9 millions for structural works

ospedale_como_06The project involved the construction of a new building for administrative offices for about 200 employees at the “St. Anna” hospital of Como. An auditorium used for conferences promoted by the hospital is hosted at the ground floor. On the top of the new building a new helipad is set up, for an easier and more direct connection with the emergency medical services inside the ho spital, without interference with external accesses. The new structures are positioned on the existing underground concrete basement, realized together with the other neighboring hospital buildings. The levels above ground are almost square in plan, 33.60×30.60m wide, and the overall height of the building is about 24m. Vertical structures above ground are made of steel columns, positioned in correspondence to a grid (7.5 mx 7.5 m) of reinforced concrete columns of the existing basement. The horizontal structures are made with concrete slab casted on corrugated sheet, collaborating with the steel beams, and realizing a composite steel-cocrete deck. The helicopter landing pad, with a diameter of 26.00 m, was designed according to the ICAO safety standards.

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