SITE: Vicenza, Italy
CUSTOMER: Municipality of Vicenza
SERVICES: Preliminary, final and detailed design, supervision of works, safety coordination at the project design stage and during the works (2006-2012)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 6,4 millions for total construction

chiesa_santa_corona_02The church was built in 1260 in the Vicenza city centre to host the thorn relic of Jesus’ crown. Since the 1303 was a court of the medieval inquisition and after it hosts tombs of influential people of the city. Also some chapels were built by important families as Valmarana’s chapel designed in 1576 by Andrea Palladio. The intervention concerns the restoration of all the surfaces and the decorative paintings both in the internal and external parts, the rehabilitation of distributive and functional spaces connected to the church and the replacement of all technical plants. From a structural point of view, a large and diffuse series of interventions has been done with two aims: the first was the local consolidation of damages and degradations sprawl over the church and the second was the improvement of the seismic behaviour achieved by retrofitting interventions. The techniques were both traditional and innovative. The latter regards the use of FRP and stainless reinforcements. The repairing of cracks with ‘scuci-cuci’ technique by brick and mortar made with hydraulic lime and the recover, or when necessary the substitution, of damaged timber elements was designed and accomplished according the strictest restoration guidelines and criterions. Those interventions have been studied to have an high durability and they were as much reversible and simply as possible.

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