SITE: Pile (L’Aquila, Italy)
CUSTOMER: Thales–Alenia Space-FGRE
SERVICES: Final and detailed structural design (2009-2012)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 38 millions for total construction, of which € 10,6 millions for structural works

thales_selex_01The ground floor of the new factory, spread over a squared surface of about 11.000 sqm, is used for several productive functions, including clean rooms. The first and second floor host offices, management activities, technical areas and services, and each of them covers a rectangular surface of 2.300 sqm. The building is about 20 m high. To reduce downtime risks and costs avoiding damages to both structural and not structural elements, the highest seismic protection of the building was achieved adopting a base hybrid isolation system. This is composed by 84 elastomeric isolators with lead core and 27 sliding devices, installed over a grid of reinforced concrete plinths. Each of these plinths are founded on a bored great diameter (1.50 m) pile, with length varying from 15 to 37 m. All the superstructure was realized with a precast concrete system, with rectangular cross-section columns and prestressed beams and floor elements; the continuity of the prefabricated elements, thus the monolithic of the structures, was guaranteed by the realization at each level of a reinforced concrete slab over the floor elements and, especially, by the “wet joints” in columns and beams crossings. To allow building displacements of the building under seismic action, joints designed for a maximum displacement of 250 mm at the life-safety limit state were installed along all the perimeter.

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