SITE: Cittadella (Padua, Italy)
CUSTOMER: So.Ge.Pa. S.r.l.
SERVICES: Final and detailed structural design, site supervision of structures
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 5,4 millions for total construction, of which € 3,7 millions for structural works

park_cittadella_03The underground parking, is on two underground level and it has the capability of 350 car parks. The building roof is covered with public green and the area is completed with the construction of a laminated wooden grandstand for 400 spectators. Structural design is divided in several phases: construction of reinforced concrete perimeter diaphragms; construction of wells used to lower the level of the groundwater level and execution of the excavations; construction of reinforced concrete foundation structures and the reinforced concrete pillars adjacent to perimeter diaphragms; installation of prefabricated columns and beams and installation of prestressed hollow-core floor elements.

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