SITE: Roncafort (Trento, Italy)
CUSTOMER: Trentino Trasporti S.p.A./Rigotti S.p.A.
SERVICES: Final and detailed structural design (2000-2002)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 13,9 millions for total construction, of which € 6,8 millions for structural works

atesina_04The new Trentino Trasporti headquarters cover a total area of approximately 70.000 sqm, including a four-storey building for offices, machine shop, stores, services and a steel arch roof which provides covered parking for about 500 buses. The total covered surface is about 45.000 sqm. The office building (9,000 sqm) has cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure, while the structure of the machine shop consists mainly in pre-cast concrete elements with additional cast-in-place slabs. The large roof over the bus parking spaces (approximately 25,000 sqm), is supported by a complex steel framework. The reticular spatial structure is made part of tubular beams and part of hot-rolled steel trusses. It is about 6 meter high and it has a regular 30 x 20 m grid with a column every 600 sqm.

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