SITE: Bolentin (Romania)
CUSTOMER: Tassullo S.p.A.
SERVICES: Final structural design (2006-2007)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 4,4 millions for total construction, of which € 2 millions for structural works

tassullo_romania_05The Tassullo new production plant in Bolentin Deal (Romania), completed in 2009, is located along the main highway a few kilometers from the capital Bucharest. The total area is approximately 21700 sqm and the production plant is divided in two independent volumes: the building for the canteen, the offices and the showroom (total area 900 sqm in two level); and the building for the production (total area 3400sqm) , alongside the tower plant. The production building has a prefabricated load-bearing structure, made of a regular grid of reinforced concrete pillars and prestressed double slope shaped beams, on which the prestressed roof elements rest. The office building is also made of vertical and horizontal prefabricated concrete structures; while the tower plant is completely made of steel structures.

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