SITE: Padova (Italy)
CUSTOMER: St. Sofia Parish
SERVICES: Detailed design and supervision of works (2007-2010)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 400 thousand for total construction

chiesa_santa_sofia_01The St. Sofia’s church is one of the ancient church in Padova, it was built in the roman period on the remains of an existing place of worship. The reconstruction phase began from the apse between the 1106 and the 1110 and completed in 1127. The church has pillars to divide the nave from and two aisles on which are based the masonry groin vaults. During the past centuries those vertical element were already matter of some interventions. The design and the execution of the interventions were divided in two phases (2007/08-2009/10) also with a control phase by a structural health monitoring (held by the Department of Constructions and Transport of the University of Padova) in both dynamic and static field. The consolidation was based on the confinement improvement of masonry by means of deflectors and stainless ropes with a diameter of 6 mm for the diffuse strengthening and of 12 mm for the replacement of the existing hooping reinforcement. The designed hooping system is ‘active’ (due to the pre-tension) and located in mortar joints thus today those reinforcements are completely hidden.

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