SITE: Borgo Valsugana (Trento, Italy)
CUSTOMER: Health Services Agency of Trento
SERVICES: Detailed structural design (2001-2003)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 5,6 millions for total construction, of which € 2,1 millions for structural works

OSPEDALE_VALSUGANA_TN_07Renovation and enlargement of “San Lorenzo” hospital, Borgo Valsugana (Trento, Italy).
The new building consists of two square-plan underground floors, with a side equal to about 50m, hosting garages, plant equipment, facilities and services for the hospital staff. The above ground levels are reserved to outpatient clinics, hospital wards and health activities, in addition to administrative offices, and storages in the space unde the roof. The building has a L-shaped plan, with a 4-storey southern wing and a 5-storey western wing. The structures are made of reinforced concrete: horizontal elements are partially precast slabs and cast-in-situ beams, while elevations are r.c. columns and walls. R.c. diaphragms along the perimeter of the building ensure the stabilization of the excavation walls against lateral ground forces during construction. The roof is a timber structure, with the exception of the semi-circular area where a r.c. slab is laid. Shallow foundations consist of plinths and continuous beams for columns and walls, while a r.c. slab is cast in correspondance to the stairwells. All structures provide a fire resistance of at least 120 minutes.

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