SITE: Trento, Italy
CUSTOMER: Ministry of Health
SERVICES: Detailed structural design (1996)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 1,9 millions for total construction

ospedale_s_chiara_tn_05The restoration and enlargement of the infectious diseases ward of “St. Chiara” hospital in Trento (Italy) responded to functional requirements imposed by the entry in force of the Italian law 135/1990, regarding prevention from infectious diseases and AIDS. The structural design firstly aimed at the functional refurbishment of the building, which was achieved by the addition of two new upper levels, hosting hospital services, and the attic, occupied by plant equipments. Moreover, a new portion was attached to the existing building on the west side, and functionally integrated. The building additions were realized with a steel superstructure, located externally to the envelope of the existing building, and constituted by steel reticular trusses suspending the two new upper levels, and steel columns connected at each level to the existing building. At the same time the realization of the new steel structures allowed the enhancement of the seismic resistance through the positioning of a new lateral bracing system.

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