SITE: Medolla (Modena, Italy)
CUSTOMER: Eurosets
SERVICES: Final structural design (2013-2014)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 12 millions for total construction, of which € 3 millions for structural works

eurosets_04Eurosets industrial plant in province of Modena was demolished after the severe damage caused during the seismic events of the 2012 and it will be rebuilt. The new plant covers a surface of 15.000 sqm and it consists of three independents buildings: the headquarters is a two stories building in composite steel-concrete structure with a roof garden; the production building, hosting clean rooms and laboratories in the ground floor and technical plant over the first floor, has precast concrete structure and steel roof structure; the warehouse is a single storey building with precast concret columns and prestressed concrete roof elements. Considering the physical-mechanical properties of the soil, the design involves the construction of deep foundations with driven concrete piles.

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