SITE: Fiumicino (Roma, Italy)
CUSTOMER: Alitalia
SERVICES: Detailed structural design and supervision of works (architectural design Arch. Michele De Lucchi) (2009-2011)
AMOUNT OF WORKS: € 23 millions for total construction, of which € 8 millions for structural works

ALITALIAHQ_06Construction of Alitalia Headquarters, Fiumicino (Rome, Italy).
The complex hosts 540 workstations on two floors, all with natural lighting thanks to the use of a curtain wall, which relates the offices to the surrounding garden and two inner cloisters. Automatic openings provide natural ventilation and all the design choices are made to achieve energy efficiency. The anti-seismic structure is made by steel frames and composite floors with timber beams and r.c. slabs. The steel bearing frame, the curtain walls and the serial interiors ensured cost control and rapid completion times.

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